We are excited to present its first “Popup Mama” as we slowly fulfill our journey to get OkazuMa and all it has to offer to be fully operational. Named in honor of Chef Jason Peel’s mother and grandmother and crafted by the Nami Kaze Hospitality Group, Mama is excited to share with you 3 different home-style bento from our mamas and mama figures that were shared with us in our youth.

Honoring the time spent by mamas, grandmas, and aunties making food for the family to share and create memories. Whether for a meal or a snack, for work or play, our nostalgic homestyle food, with a twist, is made with love.


  • Pickup Days: Wednesday-Friday

  • Pickup Times: 10:30am-1:30pm

  • We will have a limited amount available for pre-order online and what’s left for possible walk-in.  If you decide last minute please check out ordering system for availability at that time.